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Water Leaking From a Sub-Zero Refrigerator

Is there water leaking from your Sub-Zero refrigerator?

First you must determine where the originating water leaking source is coming from. Water can leak from the bottom or top of a Sub-Zero refrigerator.

Water Leaking from Underneath a Sub-Zero

Often times water may leak from underneath a Sub-Zero due to a number of reasons such as but not limited to poor or lack of proper maintenance or possible plumbing related issues. If the amount of leaking water is greater than a pint, than its possible that the leak is coming from the water valve on the product or loose plumbing connections.

Potential Water Leaks on Sub-Zero Refrigerators

There may be many reasons and different areas that water may leak from Sub-Zero including but not limited to the following:

1. Water leak from the water valve on the Sub-Zero, in which case the water valve may need replacement.

2. Water leaking and on the door, door hinge, or door gasket, in which case the drain tube may be clogged

a. Ice forming in back of walls of Sub-zero is often times due to food debris, standing water, or ice buildup in the drain. In situations where standing water has accumulated on the floor may be due to the drain tube along the back wall being clogged.  

3. Water leak coming from Sub-Zero drain pan area, which may be caused by the pan, cracked, broken, or even missing. As such, said pan will need to be replaced.

4. Water leak may come from a frozen freezer drain tube, which can lead to ice buildup on the floor of the freezer causing water to leak.

5. Water leaking from inside the Sub-Zero refrigerator or freezer section.

If you attempt to repair and or troubleshoot and the water leak continues, get in touch with a trained technician near you for professional help. Our experts are known for providing some of the best Sub Zero repair Los Angeles has to offer. We invite you to contact our Sub-Zero refrigerator repair specialists to schedule an appointment for repair.

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